Welcome to Accidental Fuelling Solutions Glasgow! - helping you when you've put the wrong fuel in your car in Glasgow.

Are you saying: "Help, I've filled my tank with the wrong fuel and I'm in Glasgow!" If so, don't worry!

...We help when you have misfuelled in Glasgow! Accidental Fuelling Solutions now have a full service dedicated to helping all drivers that have filled their cars with the wrong fuel in Glasgow - we are happy to serve the City of Glasgow.

Most drivers at some point have filled their car up with the wrong fuel in Glasgow or anywhere else in Scotland or the UK but we have responded to the calls from the unfortunate Glasgow drivers that have accidentally "missfuelled" their car or van in the Glasgow area. We noticed that there was a need to help all our Scottish customers so Accidental Fuelling Solutions decided to serve the city of Glasgow.

Car fuel removal in Glasgow is our specialty!

Accidental Fuelling Solutions Glasgow cover the whole of the city...

We cover all of Glasgow, all the Glasgow areas and all the Glasgow postcodes.

To offer the very best service we can to our customers, we have all the latest Mobile Fuel Drainage systems for Glasgow and deliver it to every car, van and vehicle driver in the city of Glasgow. Mobile fuel drainage systems help remove any Petrol from your Diesel engine or any Petrol from your Diesel engine that you might have accidentally pumped into your car fuel tank.

If you're saying: "I'm stuck in Glasgow city centre and I need someone to help take wrong fuel out my car!" then we can help.

We have robust Mobile Fuel Drainage systems to serve the Glasgow side of the business and hardware to help get to anyone that has put petrol in their car in Glasgow or pumped the wrong fuel in their car in Glasgow, quickly and easily - depending on traffic.

This means that whenever you are in your hour of need and you have put diesel in your petrol tank or filled up your car tank with petrol and it's a diesel car you own, then fear not, Accidental Fuelling Solutions Glasgow will help and remove the unwanted wrong petrol or diesel fuel from your car!

But if you have found that you are stuck in a Glasgow petrol station or petrol station forecourt and you've pumped petrol into your diesel car engine - why not give Accidental Fuelling Solutions Glasgow a call? We off a premium service direct to where you have added the wrong fuel. Even if your car has stopped working in a service station in the city - it's a good idea not to start your car then give us a call, email, Tweet, Facebook or Google+ message and we'll get to you ASAP. No matter how you get in touch with us, we will help and save your car from any further damage.

So, if you have filled your tank with the wrong fuel in Glasgow, just contact Accidental Fuelling Solutions!

Accidental Fuelling Solutions Glasgow (AFS 24/7) will provide a mobile visit to where you are in Glasgow and we'll also perform remove the unwanted fuel from your car engine by using our mobile fuel drainage system in any of the Glasgow towns and areas. We also provide fuel drain services for van engines in Glasgow too, as well flushing car engines systems that have the wrong fuel in the engines in Glasgow. Accidental Fuelling Solutions Glasgow remove petrol or diesel fuel and will replenish your car with the proper fuel in anywhere in Scotland not just in Glasgow or Glasgow City Centre.

We will help all drivers within the Glasgow area get on the road after they put wrong fuel in their car in Glasgow by accident.

To get to your car, van, bus, bike scooter or any other vehicle in Glasgow quickly, AFS 24/7 has decided to offer a service to the Glasgow area to help drivers that have put wrong fuel into their car, filled their tank up with the wrong fuel Glasgow, put petrol in their diesel car in Glasgow or pumped diesel into the petrol tank in Glasgow. So get in touch now and we WILL help you as quick as we can!

If you need help then we will be with you quickly. Visit our main page for more information: Accidental Fuelling Solutions (www.afs247.co.uk).


Credit Cards We accept all major credit cards therefore easing the pain of misfuelling or if you’ve filling up your car with the wrong fuel just that little bit more!

Always serving Glasgow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week